pill·an·gó [hungarian] – butterfly

Larissa Aisha Deuter found her passion for writing and painting on a 7 month road trip trough New Zealand in 2008. Since then she developed a deep love for all things magic and finds inspiration for her creative expression through dreaming and traveling the inner and outer worlds. Recurring themes in her work are female reconnection, sensitivity and empowerment – all ideas, visions and thoughts that are nurturing the feminine soul. Go visit her new blog and coaching platform which was launched in autumn 2016.

She is currently living in Berlin and loves to support women in freeing their female magic, too. She hopes to return to New Zealand one day. 

If you like to work with her, connect, collaborate, share ideas please send a tiny message or feel free to catch her on the phone. A portfolio is available upon request.

0049 163 7393093

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